Do NOT Confess Your Feelings

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Published: 30th November 2010
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To someone who is very skillful in the arts of pick-up, confession is something to be ignored. Who tells you that if you like someone, you must confess? Some people say that if you like someone, you must be open and tell them to move their hearts. But in reality, thatís far from the truth. By telling them your feelings without them feeling it mutually, is pointless and often times will only backfire.

So I say, do NOT confess. And I say that as a firm statement. By now, some of you must be asking me "Why cannot confess?" In a lot of movies, people get together naturally without making any confession. If movie makers make it so, there must be some reasons behind it. Itís because natural is very important, but confession is not.

When I first studied the arts of pick-up and seduction, I also didnít believe those gurus when they tell me not to confess. But after going through much personal experience, I realized that it is true. Confessing without mutual feelings will only lower your value even more and it will put the girl in tough position to face you now that she knows you like her. It will only put pressure on her.

Therefore, many people have experienced the following after they confessed their feelings:

1. She starts to ignore and avoid you.

2. She suddenly feels like a stranger.

3. She says she needs time to think but never return a reply back.

4. You start to lose the good feelings you both had "naturally" when you guys were together before.

There are many other similar possibilities and results that happen from a pre-mature confession. If you truly want to pick-up a girl, then start learning how to be with her naturally without the need to confess your feelings.

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